Chamber Concert in the Golden Foyer

Playing from 03 September to 15 September

CHAMBER CONCERTS with the Royal Swedish Orchestra

It was immigrant fiddlers, "pipers and trumpeteers" who laid the foundation for the Royal Swedish Orchestra. Almost 500 years later, they are not only one of the world's oldest orchestras but also Sweden's largest with 105 musicians. From being a court music institution under king Gustav Vasa, they are, since the Royal Swedish Opera was founded in 1773, the heart of the house and unite all of its art forms.

You usually meet them in the orchestra pit, between the main stage and the auditorium stalls. But the orchestra's musicians also appear in other contexts, for example in connection with their popular chamber concerts. During autumn of 2022, the Royal Swedish Orchestra invites you to a concert of the more intimate kind in the Opera's perhaps most beautiful room, the Golden Foyer.

September 15
Chamber Music in the Golden Foyer

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear an informal concert with members of the Royal Swedish Orchestra in the beautiful Golden Foyer. This autumn, the chamber music concert is in two parts, one with 20th century music and the other with music from the 18th century.

The former consists of three short works featuring the pleasant sound of the harp: Waterways by the Japanese composer Tōru Takemitsu and two French neoclassical works from the 1930s – Jean Françaix’s Quintet for Flute, Harp and Strings and Francis Poulenc’s Suite française.

After the intermission we plunge straight into 18th century classicism with a symphony by a composer who has been called the «father of the symphony» for a reason – Joseph Haydn. His Symphony No. 1, nicknamed the »Horn Signal Symphony«, is a dynamic piece of early classicism that is perfect for a grand setting such as the Golden Foyer. This is a concert that both connoisseurs and music lovers who have just dipped their toes in the wonderful world of classical music can enjoy.

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