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Half Life VR


Giving it all in a dance performance – how does that feel?

Step right in to our dance company’s production of Half Life to find out. Feel every move and every heartbeat in this suggestive dance experience, where you will get up close and personal with the Royal Swedish Ballet. Choreographer Sharon Eyal’s work vibrates with raw energy that will stay with you long after you have put on your VR glasses and tried out Half Life – the ultimate Virtual Reality experience.

The first digital dance piece staged at the Royal Swedish Opera – Sharon Eyal’s celebrated dance work Half Life in Virtual Reality (VR). Eyal’s Half Life was performed for the first time with the Royal Swedish Ballet in spring 2017. During autumn 2017, the work has been captured for Virtual Reality. This will be a new experience for the audience in which the real and the enhanced merge. This is the first time the RSO shows a purely digital work. 

In co-operation with Robert & Robert Studios.

Half Life VR has now been nominated for a prestigious award both at the Venice International Film Festival, which starts August 29, and at the Biennale de Lyon. This is testimony to the Royal Swedish Opera being a forerunner in using new digital technologies, cross-disciplinary collaborations and reaching new audiences.

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