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Playing from 25 April to 18 May
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IOLANTA – Tchaikovsky’s neglected opera is back on stage after 100 yrs!

The daughter of the King of Provence , Princess Iolanta, is blind. But her impairment is a state secret that could start a new war – if anyone knew. Count Vaudemont happens upon her when she is resting in her garden – not only does he fall in love her, he also offers her the possibility to be able to see again. Iolanta now faces a life-defining challenge: does she continue her life as she knows it, or does she attempt the unknown?

The tale of the king’s blind daughter has been transferred to the present where a constant flow of information stops us from seeing the true beauty of the world. Only real love can give Iolanta her sight back. The opera was Tchaikovsky’s last and it was composed when he was at the height of his creative abilities. It is an opera filled with mysticism, dramatic effects and a radiant glow. The literary original is a Danish play based on historical events in 15th century Provence, the story of two governors fighting hostilities. Iolanta is a co-production with Helikon Opera, Moscou.

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