Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Modest Ilyich Tchaikovsky after the play “King Renés Daughter” by Henrik Hertz
T. Onami
stage design
Aleksandr Kupalyan, Gleb Muhametlatypov
Mariya Vysotskaya
Denis Enyukov
running time
Approx. 1 hr 30 mins without intermission.

IOLANTA – Tchaikovsky's unknown opera is back after more than a 100 years

The daughter of the King of Provence, Princess Iolanta, is blind. But her condition is a well kept state secret that could start a war. Count Vaudemont happens upon Iolanta as she is resting in her garden and he does not only fall in love with her, he also offers her a cure. Iolanta now faces the decision of a lifetime: does she stay and continues her life as it is, or does she attempt the unknown?

Iolanta, Tchaikovsky's last opera, was written when the composer was at the height of his creative ability. It is an opera filled with mysticism, dramatic effects and powerful allure. The literary original is a Danish play with a historic background about fighting and hostilities involving two governors in 15th century Provence. Iolanta is a co-production with the Helikon Opera in Moscow.

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