Jenny Lind 200 years

Playing from 21 March to 22 March

Jenny Lind was one of the world’s best loved singers. Her fascinating life was characterized by courage, vulnerability and outstanding artistry. The RSO will celebrate her 200th anniversary throughout 2020 with an exhibition and concerts in the Golden Foyer.

Jenny Lind was born in Stockholm in 1820 in modest circumstances. She started her career at the Royal Opera School and had her breakthrough at a time when interest in the individual was growing. As a result, her celebrity status knew no bounds. Virtuous and pious, she represented the ideal 19th century woman, and she eventually retired from the stage on account of her religious devotion. What was it like to be an opera singer in the mid-1800s? What was young Jenny’s early life like? What was her voice like, and what is her legacy?

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