3/12/2020 Orfeus & Eurydice

Choreography & Director
Örjan Andersson 
Magnus Lindman
Jonas Redig
Set design & Light
Chrisander Brun
Bente Rolandsdotter
Running time
The performance lasts about 75 minutes

Choreographer Örjan Andersson + Young at the Opera = retake on a classic

Love, desire, loss and grief. We have been sharing these stories with each other for thousands of years ¬– ever since Orpheus tried to bring back his Eurydice. Someone made a mistake that the ended it all. While some fall in love, others are prepared to do whatever it takes to get a loved one back, some never want to fall in love again. But Orpheus was different. When his beloved died, he went down into the underworld and negotiated with its ruler, Hades. Music was his instrument, music that can even touch someone who deals in death. But there is always a caveat when you are negotiating with the gods …

Orpheus & Eurydice is based on the story of Orpheus who in his despair after losing his beloved steps into the underworld to bring her back. The story poses questions about what it is to love and mourn. There is an added dimension to the Unga på Operan production in the form of young, modern voices. The internationally renowned choreographer Örjan Andersson has created a crossover work of dance, drama and music. In collaboration with Unga Dramaten. Recommended from the age of 13.

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