»Surrender yourself to the moment – when time stands still and the music speaks«


Inese Klotina – the soloist in Rachmaninov's piano concerto no.1 – is currently on the music staff of the Royal Swedish Opera.
»I'm so looking forward to playing with this unique, close-knit and colourful orchestra«, she says.

Why is this concert an opportunity not to be missed?
»At the present time, we are living in the midst of great global unrest and upheaval. Many of us feel fearful, insecure and sad. It's more important than ever to remember the healing power of music and after a long period of Covid restrictions we can rejoice in the chance of experiencing live performances again!«
»The Royal Swedish Orchestra is made up of first-rate musicians and seeing them perform on the Opera’s main stage is an event that is not to be missed!«

How do you think those of us in the audience will feel?
»That you can be part of the unique environment that is the Royal Swedish Opera. That you can surrender yourself to the moment – when time stands still and the music speaks. Rachmaninov's music never ceases to move us.«

We are looking forward to hearing you perform as soloist for the first time in this house. What are you looking forward to the most?
»To making music... to immersing myself in Rachmaninov's masterpiece together with fantastic musicians and to giving the audience the chance to share in the experience.«

How does it feel to be soloist in this programme?
»It is a great honour for me.... A momentous occasion! I feel very proud!«

Conductor of the evening is Lan Shui.

Photo Tina Axelsson