12/11/2018 Rigoletto

Giuseppe Verdi
Francesco Maria Piave, after Victor Hugo’s Le roi s’amuse
Sofia Jupither
Set design
Erlend Birkeland
Costume & mask
Maria Geber
Ellen Ruge
Katarina Aronsson
Running time
The performance lasts about 2 hours 30 minutes, including interval

Sung in Italian with Swedish subtitles


The lubricious Duke of Mantua entertains himself at the people’s expense – raping and taking what he pleases. Rigoletto, the court jester, survives in the palace by encouraging the reign of terror. At a big party, a man, whose daughter has been abducted by the duke, turns up. Rigoletto mocks him, upon which the man puts a curse on Rigoletto. This scares Rigoletto. When not dressed as a jester, Rigoletto is quite a different person indeed. At home, he is an overprotective father to his daughter Gilda, who longs to get out and start living…

Premiering in Venice in 1851, Rigoletto is one of Verdi’s darkest and most dramatic operas. The story line in Sofia Jupither’s version circles around men with power and vulnerable women in a world where fear dominates. Jupither is a director of theatre and TV and her brutal interpretation of Salome starring Nina Stemme at the Royal Swedish Opera in 2013, won wide critical acclaim.