King Florestan and the Queen are delighted to celebrate the arrival of their long awaited baby daughter – Princess Aurora. The palace is abuzz with excitement as preparations are made for Princess Aurora’s Christening. The six Good Fairies arrive at the palace in order to bestow their gifts upon their Goddaughter, Princess Aurora. Suddenly the joyful mood is interrupted by thunder and lightning.

The evil fairy Carabosse appears and is enraged at having been omitted from the guest list. The Good Fairies try to pacify Carabosse but her rage will not be tamed. In her fury she casts a spell and prophesises that on her 16th birthday Princess Aurora will prick her finger on a spindle on her 16th birthday and die. King Florestan and the Queen are overcome with grief; however, the Lilac Fairy has not yet bestowed

her gift upon Princess Aurora. The Lilac Fairy is able to soften Carabosse’s evil spell and tells the King and Queen that the princess will not die, but she will sleep for 100 years and a Prince will wake her with a kiss. 


The years pass and Aurora grows up. She is protected by the Lilac Fairy’s blessing, but Carabosse has not forgotten her and is waiting for the evil curse to unfold. 


King Florestan and the Queen are giving a lavish garden party to celebrate Princess Aurora’s 16th birthday. Four princes have come to the princess’ birthday celebration to woo her and ask for her hand in marriage. During the party an elderly woman appears. Unnoticed by the palace guards she presents Princess Aurora with a bouquet of red roses. However the elderly woman is none other than Carabosse in disguise and the bouquet of roses contains a hidden spindle. As the princess admires the roses she inadvertently pricks her finger and falls into deep sleep. As the princess is laid in her bed the whole court falls into a deep sleep and the Lilac Fairy creates a thick forest to protect the kingdom whilst it slumbers.

Carabosse is more enraged than ever that her spell has been thwarted and creeps away to plan her revenge.


A hundred years have passed and Prince Désiré is at a hunting party, surrounded by young women attempting to charm him. The prince is distracted and longs for solitude in the forest. He succeeds in shaking off an overly solicitous countess and leaves the party. As he enters the forest Carabosse is there spying on him. The Lilac Fairy appears with the forest nymphs and conjures up a vision of the sleeping Princess Aurora. The prince – as if in a dream – starts to dance with her and falls head over heels in love. The Lilac Fairy shows him the way to the enchanted castle where she lays sleeping.

Carabosse is waiting for him by the thorny rose thicket and casts an evil spell on him. Then the Lilac Fairy comes to rescue him, turning the evil spell against Carabosse instead. When Désiré finds the sleeping princess, he falls to his knees beside the bed and wakes Aurora with a kiss.


As the court awakens from its deep slumber no time is wasted in preparing for Aurora and Prince Désiré’s wedding. Characters from favourite fairytales are invited to share in this joyous occasion. The Lilac Fairy watches over the prince and princess and blesses their union.

However, unbeknown to the royal court the Lilac Fairy is not the only fairy watching over the wedding. Carabosse remains ever-present.