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How to support the Royal Swedish Orchestra

The Royal Swedish Orchestra is one of the oldest orchestras in the world. They have played concerts and accompanied opera and ballet to live audiences for almost 500 years.

The orchestra was formed in 1526 as the King Gustav Vasa Royal Orchestra. Today, it consists of 105 musicians from 11 countries. The Royal Swedish Orchestra is an active orchestra with some 250 performances every year. In order for its members to continue to deliver the highest possible quality, they need access to the very best instruments. The Royal Swedish Opera is committed to offering the very best to the orchestra’s members, especially new talent in the early stages of their career.

Contribute to the continued excellence of the Royal Swedish Orchestra

The Opera would like to invite all who love live music to contribute to the continued excellence of the Royal Swedish Opera and the Royal Swedish Orchestra. By contributing to the Instrument Appeal, you help the Royal Swedish Orchestra keep up their standards by acquiring the very best instruments. No gift is too small!

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In recognition of your contribution

All who contribute SEK 300 or more will receive a beautiful brooch with the Royal Swedish Opera emblem.

Claim your gift at the box office!

The gift can be claimed from the Royal Opera box office when the Opera House reopens. If you live outside Stockholm, you can have it sent to your home address for the price of the postage.

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For more information about the Instrument Appeal, please contact [email protected]