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As of January 12 2022, the government and the Public Health Agency announced new restrictions due to the spread of the covid-19 virus and the Royal Swedish Opera has accordingly introduced changes to the number of visitors allowed in the Opera House. We care for our visitors and staff and in terms of the recommendations, we continuously advise visitors to stay at home in case of any symptoms and to maintain good hand hygiene. And due to the fact that the government has made a decision regarding requirements for public gatherings, we have been obliged to introduce the control of vaccination certificates at the Royal Swedish Opera starting Wednesday December 1st, 2021.

We gather all up-to-date information regarding what applies to tickets, vaccination certificates and visits to the Opera House in this section. The information will be updated regularly and visitors will be contacted in good time with more information about what applies during their particular visit. Below you will find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, if you have further inquires, please contact our customer support at biljett@operan.se

Below you will find ANSWERS
to some of the

1) New restrictions from January 12
2) Vaccination certificates - what applies from December 1
3) My visit
4) My purchase
5) Gift cards


The Swedish Government has decided on new restrictions regarding audiences and public gatherings, in place from January 12 2022. The restrictions mean that  the Royal Swedish Opera have been obliged to introduce a maximum number in the audience and a distance of one meter between visitors. This means that we need to place our visitors at a distance from each other in the auditorium: visitors will be seated one by one, with two seats between each person. We will not be able to make any exceptions for companies that want to sit together and we kindly ask for your understanding during the prevailing circumstances.

Unfortunately, this means that we have to cancel some tickets for the performances. Information will be sent directly to the affected ticket holders, including instructions on how to reschedule a ticket to another performance, or save the credit on the operan.se booking account (provided tickets were purchased at the Opera or on operan.se).

Sales on certain show dates are temporarily paused, what does it mean?

Due to current restrictions with f. ex. distance requirements, we need to reallocate seats in the auditorium for certain performances. All affected ticket holders are contacted directly by email. As soon as new seating plans have been implemented, we open up sales again.

What happens to my ticket with the new restrictions?

For performances with more seats booked than what is allowed, those who bought their tickets last are the first to get their tickets cancelled. If your ticket is cancelled, credits will be automatically added to your opera.se booking account, valid until December 31, 2022.

Can I reschedule my ticket to another performance?

Yes - depending on availability, you can rebook your ticket to another performance at operan.se.

Why is my ticket being cancelled?

We have made the decision that the ticket holders who bought tickets first to a performance will be the ones who get the opportunity to attend it. The remainder will automatically receive a credit, deposited into their operan.se booking account, which can be used for another performance.

What happens if I am unable to find a show to reschedule?

ur credit will automatically be added to your opera.se booking account. If you want a refund, contact customer service at biljett@operan.se. Please note that it may take longer than usual to receive a response from our customer service.

Why don't I get response from customer service?

Due to the new restrictions, we have a high pressure on our customer service at the moment. We will answer all questions in turn and get back to you as soon as we can. We kindly ask for your patience.

What happens to events with no seating – the 15-minute audience introductions before each performance, for example?

For the time being, we cancel all events with more than 20 persons with no seating, such as audience introductions before opera and ballet performances.

What do the new restrictions mean for the interval food and drink?

The interval food and drink will take be served to seated parties in Guldfoajén and other service areas. To avoid queues, we recommend that you pre-order on operan.se.

Will the opera and ballet productions affected by the audience restrictions be prolonged? Or will the performances with reduced audience be given again on a later occasion?

Our repertoire for the spring season is already set. The performances whose audience needs to be reduced will, unfortunately, not be given again on a later occasion. You are welcome to look at the spring programme to find a different performance that you can rebook your ticket to.

Will I be given priority if my ticket has been cancelled?

Unfortunately, we are not able to give priority at the next ticket release, nor in the possibility that more seats will be available for the performances with reduced audience. Please subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates on tickets.

How long will the new restrictions last?

According to the Swedish Government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the new restrictions will be in place until further notice. We follow the developments and we set up our operating activities according to the current recommendations.


Why does the Royal Swedish Opera introduce the use of vaccination certificates? 

The Swedish Government has decided that vaccination certificates should be introduced for public gatherings and public events indoors with more than 20 people from December 1, 2021. Organizers who do not introduce obligatory vaccination certificate controls must adapt the activity to participant restrictions. The Royal Swedish Opera has hence decided to choose the path with vaccination certificates instead of severely limiting the activities and audience numbers.
Here you can read the government's press release about the decision »

Do I need a vaccination certificate to visit the Opera?

Yes, from December 1, all visitors over the age of 18 yrs who attend performances with more than 20 people at the Royal Swedish Opera need to present a valid vaccination certificate and a valid identification.

Which vaccination certificates are approved?

To participate in events with more than 100 participants, a vaccination certificate is necessary,  i.e. at least two doses (test certificates or recovery certificates do not apply). The authenticity of vaccination certificates is checked against the EU Digital Covid Certificate Infrastructure. At present, we are awaiting a response from the relevant authorities if vaccination certificates from countries that are not members of the EU Digital Covid Certificate Infrastructure will be approved. For more information, please visit the E-health authority's (E-hälsomyndigheten) website »

Are there any exceptions to the requirement for a vaccination certificate?

Anyone who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons needs to present a medical certificate proving this, together with a valid proof of identification.

What happens to my ticket if I don't have a vaccination certificate?

If you do not have a vaccination certificate and a valid identification, you can switch to a later performance or receive a credit on your opera account at operan.se.

Do I need to present my vaccination certificate when booking/buying tickets on the website?

No, as long as you can present a valid vaccination certificate and valid identification to one of our ushers together with your ticket when you arrive at the Royal Swedish Opera, that is enough.

Is it enough to show my vaccination certificate on my mobile or do I need a printout?

It is possible to show your vaccination certificate either on your mobile phone or a printed certificate.

How do I get a vaccination certificate?

We refer to COVID Certificate • E-hälsomyndigheten for more information.

From what age do you need a vaccination certificate?

From the age of 18, you will need to present a vaccination certificate to attend events comprehending more than 20 persons at the Royal Swedish Opera.

What about children under the age of 18 yrs?

Children up to the age of 18 yrs are welcome to the Royal Swedish Opera without vaccination certificates. Please note, however, that if there is any doubt about age, we may ask for identification from 15 yrs.

I am over 65 years of age, does my vaccination certificate apply if I have only taken two shots?

Yes, until the authorities decide about possible new recommendations, two shots are enough to be considered fully vaccinated and to get vaccination certificates.

I have taken two shots but have not yet received my vaccination certificate, can I still come to the Opera after December 1?

No, according to the authorities, vaccination certificates are required to attend a public gathering of over 100 people as of December 1. Here you can read about how to proceed »

Can we exchange/return all tickets if one of the party does not have a vaccination certificate?

Yes, it is possible to switch to another performance or get credit on your account on operan.se. Here you can read more about our terms and how to proceed »

I have a ticket to a show before December 1, what about my visit?

Until December 1, the same rules apply as before, i.e. that no vaccination certificate is required to attend events at the Royal Swedish Opera.

How long will the control of vaccination certificates continue?

We follow the recommendations of the government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden and continue to control vaccination certificates for as long as the authorities consider it necessary to reduce the spread of infection.

MY visit

Are interval refreshments affected?

To avoid crowding during the interval, we recommend that you pre-order your refreshments.
For those of you who do not have a pre-order, the order can be made on site before the show, but the offer is then somewhat limited Pre-ordering on site can only be done at the interval counter in the main entrance. In cases where refreshments are fully booked, the pre-order closes earlier. The interval servings usually take place in connection to the same floor to which you have a ticket and all servings will effected only to seated clients.
To cancel your pre-booked interval refreshments in case of cancelled tickets, we kindly ask you to contact pausservering@operan.se, as this service is run by an external company.

Will I be able to use the cloakrooms?

All the cloakrooms are in use, it is also possible to use the unmanned cloakrooms on the balcony (2.a raden).

I need a wheelchair, how do I reserve a seat?

Booking of a wheelchair space and accompanying companion can be done on the website. You can also send an email to biljett@operan.se or call us on telephone 08-791 44 00 Monday-Thursday between 1 and 3 p.m., if you have any questions.

If I come to the Opera and do not feel safe, can I cancel/rebook my ticket?

We do all in our power to make you feel safe and enjoy the experience of visiting us. However, if you do not feel comfortable, it is of course possible to cancel or rebook your ticket before the show begins.

When you visit the Opera House

Please bear in mind that when the requirement to control vaccination certificates in implemented on December 1, your arrival to the opera might take longer than anticipated: we recommend that you show up 45 minutes before the performance to allow any delays caused by the controls - please have your identification and vaccine certificate ready upon arrival. The Opera House opens two hours before the performance, as usual.


Can my ticket be rebooked or canceled if I or someone in my party is ill?

If you or someone in your party falls ill, you can redeem your tickets before your scheduled visit. READ MORE ABOUT OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS HERE »

Am I automatically reimbursed for a cancelled show?

You will automatically receive a credit on your customer account at operan.se. If you instead wish to have the money re-deposited in your bank account, you can contact our customer service. Do not forget to state your booking number.

Can I cancel food and/or drinks that I have pre-booked and paid for?

Yes you can. To do so email pausservering@operan.se or call 08-791 44 11 between 4 and 6 p.m..

How do you contact me for if a performance is canceled or moved?

We will contact you by e-mail. We also communicate cancelled performances on the website.

I have not registered an email address or mobile number when buying tickets, will I be contacted regarding a canceled performance or other information?

No, then you need to email biljett@operan.se yourself or call us on 08-791 44 00 Monday-Thursday between 1 and 3 p.m. to add your contact details.

What happens if I bought my ticket via invoice, and the performance or event is canceled (e.g. schools / organizations)?

You will receive a credit invoice.

Tickets purchased from another provider

If you bought your ticket via a provider other than the Royal Swedish Opera / operan.se, we can unfortunately not help you with a refund or rebooking because the purchase was made by another party. If necessary, you must contact the company where you purchased your ticket directly.
We recommend that in the future you buy directly from us to take advantage of our general terms and conditions:
- you avoid hidden costs or price surcharges
- changing date and seat is easy via your operan.se account
- you have the option of a refund in case of a cancelled performance


My gift card is no longer valid, can its validity be extended?

All gift card with a validity date of April 9 2021 (and later) will automatically be extended to December 31 2021. As long as your gift card is valid you can purchase a new one at operan.se using the existing gift card as payment, hence prolonging its validity by another two years.

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