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safe experiences for up to 300 persons

At the Royal Swedish Opera, we welcome a limited audience of 300 people in our auditorium. If you have a ticket to one of our performances, you can read more below about how we have adapted the Opera House, so that you can feel safe when you visit us.

We have corona-adapted our auditorium and other spaces to make you as an audience feel safe. We have also adapted our performances based on restrictions on distance so that our employees can work in safe conditions. The health of our audience and our employees is of the highest priority.

We follow the development of the pandemic on a daily basis, which means that we may need to make changes to our decisions accordingly. We work to be able to inform you as soon as possible about any changes and are so grateful for the patience and support you have shown us during this period. If you have questions about your tickets, your visit or anything else, you are welcome to contact us at [email protected].

In order for as many people as possible, in a simple way, to be able to take part in our art forms, we have developed our digital stage Operan Play - no login and no fees - just fantastic experiences of opera, ballet and music.

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Below you will find ANSWERS to some of the MOST COMMON QUESTIONS

1) My visit
2) My purchase
3) Gift Cards
4) Performances
5) What can I do for myself and for others
6) Tickets


Is it safe to visit the Royal Swedish Opera despite the situation with the coronavirus?

We follow the Public Health Agency's and the Government's recommendations and adapt our auditorium and other spaces in the Opera House for your and our safety. We follow developments closely and if the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations change, we adapt our operations accordingly. Information on this page is therefore updated regularly.

How does the Opera follow the recommendation "keep distance"?

  • Entries and exits are carried out with a proper distance between each party and we use several entrances to the Opera House to avoid crowding.
  • You and your company (two people) can sit together in the auditorium, and there are empty seats and plenty of space between visitors. If you go by yourself, your seat is distanced from the next party.
  • To avoid crowding at toilets and in the intervals, we have clear instructions that make it easier for you to keep your distance from others.
  • Tickets are handled via scanners and the box office has plexiglass protection.
  • There are disinfectants at each counter.

The Swedish Public Health Agency's website contains questions and answers about, for example, symptoms of infection and how the virus is transmitted. READ MORE HERE »

Are interval refreshments affected?

To avoid crowding in the interval, we recommend that you pre-order your refreshments.
For those of you who do not have a pre-order, the order can be made on site before the show, but the offer is then somewhat smaller. Pre-ordering on site can only be done at the interval counter in the main entrance.
In cases where refreshments are fully booked, the pre-order closes earlier. The interval servings usually take place in connection to the same floor to which you have a ticket. READ MORE AND PRE-ORDER HERE »

Will I be able to use the cloakrooms?

It is possible to use the unmanned cloakrooms. To avoid crowding, there are clear instructions that make it easy to keep your distance. There are disinfectants in connection to every cloakroom.

I need a wheelchair. How does it work under the circumstances?

The number of places for wheelchairs is now limited so that a safe distance can be maintained. Booking of a wheelchair space and accompanying companion can be done via the website. You can also send an email to [email protected] or call us on telephone 08-791 44 00 Monday-Thursday at kl. 13-15, if you have any questions.

If I come to the Opera and do not feel safe, can I cancel/rebook my ticket?

We do everything to make you feel safe and for you to enjoy the experience when you visit us. However, if you do not feel comfortable, it is of course possible to cancel or rebook your ticket before the show begins.



I have bought tickets to a canceled show, do I get priority for another show?

We work intensively to provide the best possible service to our entire audience. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to handle these types of priority principles. If you are a subscriber to our newsletter, you will always receive news about ticket releases first of all.

Why can you only buy an even number of tickets?

Since the auditorium must be distance-secured, we sell seats two and two via the website. If you go alone, or in a company with an odd number of people, you need to contact customer service.

I have a subscription, how is it affected?

If a performance you are booked on has been canceled in your subscription, you will receive a credit in your account at operan.se. We will notify you if you are affected by changes via email.

Why are some performances sold out so fast after ticket release?

The ban on public gatherings with more than 300 people that applies right now, means that a show is quickly sold out as we only sell a maximum of 300 seats per performance.

Can my ticket be rebooked or canceled if I or someone in my party is ill?

If you or someone in your party falls ill, you can redeem your tickets before your scheduled visit. READ MORE ABOUT OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS HERE »

Am I automatically reimbursed for a canceled show?

You will automatically receive a credit on your customer account at operan.se. If you instead wish to have the money re-deposited in your bank account, you can contact customer service. Do not forget to enter your booking number.

Can I cancel food and/or drinks that I have pre-booked and paid for?

Yes you can. To do so email [email protected] or call 08-791 44 11 between 4 and 6 pm.

How do you contact me for if a performance is canceled or moved?

We will contact you by e-mail. We also communicate canceled performances on the website.

I have not registered an email address or mobile number when buying tickets, will I be contacted regarding a canceled performance or other information?

No, then you need to email [email protected] yourself or call us on 08-791 44 00 Monday-Thursday between 1 and 3 pm to add your contact details.

What happens if I bought my ticket via invoice, and the performance or event is canceled (e.g. schools / organizations)?

You will receive a credit invoice.


I already have a gift card from before, will the validity period be extended?

The validity period is not automatically extended on your gift card. But on our website you can buy a new gift card and use the current one as payment. This way, you get a new gift card with the same amount and a two-year validity period from the day you make the purchase. Please note that this must be done no later than the last day of validity of the gift card.
If you have a credit in your account, it is valid as a means of payment up until June 30, 2022. The actual performance you buy a ticket for can take place later than the last day of validity. This also applies to gift cards. READ MORE ABOUT GIFT CARDS AND BUY GIFT CARDS HERE »

Will the performances be affected by the corona
pandemic in the autumn of 2021?

Yes, we have adapted our performances based on restrictions on distance so that our employees can work in safe conditions. The health of our audience and our employees is of the highest priority.

Will more digital performances be available?

We will continue to offer digital performances via Operan Play and more performances will be continuously posted. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and you will always receive first-hand information.


  • Stay at home at the slightest symptom of illness and wait for at least two days after you recover, before visiting the Opera.
  • Keep a distance from other visitors.
  • Remember good hand hygiene and wash your hands often. Hand sanitizer is available.
  • Cough and sneeze into the armpit.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Follow the instructions on site.


Will more tickets be sold when the restrictions change?

When the restrictions on the maximum number and distance in the audience change, we will be able to offer more tickets for sale. Follow us on social media or in our newsletter for the absolute latest information.