Frequently asked questions


Will the autumn season at the Opera be possible?

We hope to be able to present opera and ballet this fall. The situation is, however, dependent on any recommendations and permissions from the Swedish Public Health Authority and the Swedish Government. The highest priority for the Opera is to maintain the safety of our audience and for our employees.
We are currently working with different alternatives, so that we can present the upcoming program with as few changes as possible. But we are aware that our decisions might have to change according to the state of things.
We are convinced that opera and arts are especially important during the current circumstances. Art can help people to look forward and beyond the crisis. Therefore, we have decided to meet the audience in different ways.

When can the audience come back to the Opera House?

The Public Health Authority and the Swedish Government would need to change their current restrictions regarding limitations on gatherings and events. One scenario we are planning for is enabling performances for 500 people in a salon that usually takes over 1,100 people, in order to make sure that there is plenty of room between everyone in the audience.

Who are included in the 500 people that can be present in the auditorium?

Only members of the audience are included in this figure in accordance with Public Health Agency and police guidelines. Backstage staff and others who work in the Opera House are not included. The first restriction that was announced was for 500 people, and that is why we are assuming that they will go back to that figure when restrictions are eased.

What will my visit to the Opera be like?

Entrance and exit will be conducted with a minimum of 1.5 m distance between visiting parties. There will be distance markers for toilets and intermission refreshments with clear directions for how to exercise physical distancing.
Hand sanitizing will be available.

How will the auditorium be organized?

You and your party (two persons) will be seated together, but several seats away from other audience members.

How will the auditorium/the theater be arranged and how will I be seated?

You and your party (of two people) will of course be seated together in the auditorium, but there will be empty seats between your party and the next party of visitors.

How are the arrangements made for buying tickets?

If you visit alone, or with an uneven number of people in the party, you need to contact the ticket office to purchase tickets. We will pair tickets in twos. If you go alone there will be space between your seat and the next party. When you buy tickets online and choose seats in our ticketing system, this will show clearly.

What do we do if there are three or five of us in the party?

Contacts us via phone during opening hours or email us at any time, and we will help you.

What cancellation arrangements are in place?

We care about your safety, so our terms and conditions are generous. Cancelled performances will be refunded in full, and you can return purchased tickets if you are unable to attend, for example due to illness. Read more about our terms and conditions here.

Why have you chosen to open to the public at the end of August?

We are carefully monitoring the Public Health Agency’s recommendations. At the moment, public and private gatherings are limited to 50 people. We have adjusted to that by transferring to our digital platform Operan Play. On condition that the Public Health Agency change their recommendation to 500 people or more, we plan to open the Opera House to the public in the autumn. We are working hard to keep as much as possible of our planned repertoire in place. Despite the safety measures and precautions that have been taken, we must remain flexible in case we need to adapt and make new decisions at short notice.

What will you do to protect the elderly and other visitors at risk?

Also, by the time we open up we will have taken a number of measures to ensure the safety of our visitors.

  • Entrances and exits will be conducted with a minimum of 1.5 m distance between visiting parties.
  • You and your party (two persons) will be seated together, but several seats away from other audience members. Tickets are sold for two seats at a time, so if you have booked a single seat, it will be at a distance from other visitors.
  • There will be distance markers for toilets and intermission refreshments with clear directions for how to exercise physical distancing.
  • We are asking anyone who is feeling even the slightest unwell to stay at home at least two days after the symptoms have disappeared.
  • Tickets will be scanned at the door and the box office will be fitted with a plexiglass shield.
  • Hand sanitizing will be available.

If the Public Health Agency continue to recommend that people over 70 and others at risk stay home and avoid physical contact, we will recommend them to use the digital streaming platform Operan Play. Access the digital platform here.

How have people reacted to the close-down and to your plans for reopening?

In our opinion, the response has been positive. People were very understanding when we closed. We were able to coordinate the closing with the launch of our new digital streaming platform Operan Play, which is an alternative for anyone who would like to watch opera or ballet but is unable to visit the Opera House.

Is there a great demand for tickets to the coming season?

Yes, and we are enormously grateful to our most loyal customers, the season ticket holders, who have renewed their subscriptions. We have sold about 65 % subscriptions compared to last year. We are looking forward to opening the entire season to the public, with a clear and generous cancellation and change policy.

What have you been doing while the Opera House has been closed?

Opera houses in our neighbouring countries have been completely closed to both the public and staff, but this has not been the case for us. We work from home if possible and we practice physical distancing when in in the Opera House and at our workshops in Nacka.Work on the coming season’s productions is ongoing at our workshops and costume department. We have been able to renovate the stage machinery and stage floor. We have also scaled up our digital streaming platform Operan Play by several hundred per cent, and we are now broadcasting live three times a week from the Golden Foyer. Every Saturday we post a new evening performance of the most recent premieres.

How much revenue has been lost in terms of ticket sales during 2020?

We were open to the public up to and including March 13, when we cancelled all public performances, so there has been no income from ticket sales for the last 13 weeks. We don’t know the exact amount yet as we plan to reopen in the autumn, although with a limited number of available seats.

What has the role of culture been during this crisis?

Culture has an important role, regardless of whether there is an ongoing crisis or not. For example, we have seen a need for people to express themselves in a creative way, but also that they have a need for experiencing the performing arts and what we have to offer. It shows clearly when you look at our new streaming platform Operan Play, which has reached a large audience in a very short period.