As Sweden’s national theatre for ballet, the Royal Swedish Ballet offers both classical ballet and contemporary dance. With one foot rooted in tradition and the other stepping into the future, the company has a loyal and diverse audience.

The Royal Swedish Ballet’s history began in 1773, when King Gustav III founded the Swedish Opera.

Under the directorship of Nicolas Le Riche, the Royal Swedish Ballet is today Sweden’s largest ballet company, with 68 full-time ballet dancers, consisting of principals, soloists and the corps de ballet. Members of the Royal Swedish Ballet dance in over 100 productions a year, most of which take place on the Opera’s main stage.

»Dance is ephemeral, but it lives on inside you«

Artistic Director, the Royal Swedish Ballet

Dance is ephemeral. Few experiences can generate the same feeling of being in the moment, sharing it with the dancers, musicians and the rest of the audience. When it is over the memory will remain. The Royal Swedish Ballet is known for always offering unique, exciting, intimate experiences, and this season is no exception.

The 2019–20 season offers a diverse and multi-faceted programme that includes everything from iconic ballets to contemporary works. Sixty-eight dancers will perform a total of 76 performances of 12 works on the main stage.

As you take your seat in the auditorium, you are transported to different universe. Our repertoire is a journey, brought to life by the artists that perform the stories, music and ideas. Every day, the Royal Swedish Ballet work with some of the world’s foremost choreographers, composers and designers. It allows us to present extraordinary productions. Watching the audience’s expectant, happy faces during a performance is pure joy.

Each performance, the Royal Swedish Ballet gives it all, we share our passion and joy with the audience so that each visitor will leave the theatre with their senses heightened. We hope that you will join us on our journey and that you will experience something that is unique in Sweden!

Nicolas Le Riche
Ballet Director