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– The history of the Royal Swedish Opera from 1773 to the present

Who performed on stage in the first opera or ballet you went to see here? What did posters look like in the late 1800s? Find the answers to your questions and much more right here in our repertoire archive. Indeed, the caches of the Royal Swedish Opera contain many a treasure. As one of the oldest opera houses in Europe, we boast a well-preserved archive and collections that have been spared fire and other calamities

We have now embarked on an ambitious project to digitally catalogue these treasures for our online archive called Arkivet, which is open to the public. First up is information relating to our repertoire throughout the ages. In just a few seconds you can find out for example how many times The Magic Flute has been performed here at the Royal Swedish Opera, or how many times Birgit Nilsson sang in Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen on our stages.

Going forward we will also be cataloguing additional information, making it possible to deep dive into a myriad of beautiful costumes and exciting documents.