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– and strengthen your brand

As a Royal Swedish Opera corporate partner, you will be closely associated with our institution. Together, we create added value for our common target groups. Maybe you want to offer your customers and co-workers unique experiences, or perhaps you prefer to support a specific production or project.

Are you interested in a long-term partnership with the Royal Swedish Opera? Do not hesitate to get in touch. Together, we can reform and cultivate people’s experience of opera and ballet through collaborations between cultural institutions and business and industry.

This is how it works

When you enter into a partnership with the RSO we begin by agreeing on a set of goals and targets. What are your needs, what challenges are you facing? Regardless of whether you need to increase brand awareness, strengthen your relationship with existing customers or enter into new business relationships, we can offer strategies that will allow you to, with our help, reach your corporate goals.

We offer partnerships on a number of levels. Each of them constitutes an attractive platform that can be implemented internally or externally. We focus on great experiences – and our shared passion for opera and ballet.

For more information about partnerships, please contact 
Account manager external relations
[email protected]

Account manager external relations
[email protected]

We would like to thank all our partners for their valuable contribution and commitment!



Wallenius Lines support RSO’s children and young adult initiative Young at the Opera.

Young at the Opera opens up new worlds to young audiences through education and creative exploration of the performing arts.

What happens when schools get to work with the RSO and put the performing arts on the curriculum? Does it really make a difference to young people? These are important issues that we have had the pleasure of exploring together with Smedshagsskolan in Hässelby near Stockholm. The project was supported by Wallenius Lines.

The partnership between Wallenius Lines and Young at the Opera started with the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 2015. It continued with a three-year project in which all pupils at Smedshagsskolan, from the pre-school classes to year 9, were given the opportunity to participate in at least one cultural activity each term. The project was monitored by a researcher associated with Stockholm University and was completed in autumn 2019.

»Through the three-year collaboration with Smedshagsskolan, we take Young at the Opera's educational work to a new level. Having a researcher's eyes in the middle of the activity is an invaluable resource for evaluating our work and showing the impact of culture in the daily school environment.«

Anna Karinsdotter, UNGA PÅ OPERAN

Read more about our project at Smedshagsskolan 2015 here »

Read more about our project at Smedshagsskolan 2017-2019 here »

The current three-year project in cooperation with Wallenius Lines is the production and premiere of Pocket Opera at the end of summer 2022. Pocket Opera is a high-quality touring production that has been scaled down in order to be manageable on tour. The goal is to reach out to children beyond the Opera House and present a live experience in their local environment. We know that such experiences open the mind and stimulate curiosity about the art form, especially for children that may never otherwise come into contact with the Royal Swedish Opera or opera in general. Our artistic ambition is fundamentally a democratic undertaking to ensure everyone’s right to culture.

»Through our collaboration with the Royal Swedish Opera we are supporting Young at the Opera initiative for schools. It goes without saying that we need to focus on the young – our future. We are all proud to be able to make difference for school children in their everyday lives




»We at Savana are extremely proud of the opportunity to contribute to such a passionate, professional and dedicated Opera House with a prominent role in Swedish culture.«