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One of the Royal Swedish Opera’s most important missions is to put on exciting performances for children and young people, and to make it possible for them to pursue culture. During the last ten years Young at the Opera has been and continue to be the state-of-the-art for opera and ballet in Sweden.


Every season we create opera and dance performances for children and young people.


In addition to exciting performances, we also throw open the doors of the Opera House to Kids’ Saturdays, school holiday activities and family days. The activities we offer vary from guided tours of the Opera House and trying on costumes to mini performances and concerts.


Young at the Opera also engages in active school outreach, and our educational programme offers both short and long-term projects, one of which is part of the Skapande skola (Creative School) programme. We also arrange field trips to the Opera House and teachers’ evenings, and we schedule weekend and holiday activities, host family days and put on special performances for school groups.

»Our starting point is always the child’s perspective«

Artistic Director, Young at the Opera


What is the idea behind the 2020–2021 repertoire at Young at the Opera?
– To offer children and young adults a space in the Opera House where they can be entertained, broaden their minds and be inspired. To offer a wide variety of performing arts suitable to young people with different interests, experiences and abilities.”

What can the audience look forward to?
– In Next Stop: Illusion (Station Illusion), we make use of aesthetics, instruments, music and ideas that go all the way back to the 18th century. The young audience will encounter French Baroque at the highest level through illusion and play! In Klaus Nomi they will experience music and a type of performance that is not often seen here at the Opera.

In what way are the performing arts relevant in society today?
– Performing arts can offer artistic complexity and inspire reflection. I’m convinced that sharing stories and experiences that are different from what we know and that offer new perspectives is a good thing.


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