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One of the Royal Swedish Opera’s most important missions is to put on exciting performances for children and young people, and to make it possible for them to pursue culture. During the last ten years Young at the Opera has been and continue to be the state-of-the-art for opera and ballet in Sweden.


Every season we create opera and dance performances for children and young people.


In addition to exciting performances, we also throw open the doors of the Opera House to Kids’ Saturdays, school holiday activities and family days. The activities we offer vary from guided tours of the Opera House and trying on costumes to mini performances and concerts.


Young at the Opera also engages in active school outreach, and our educational programme offers both short and long-term projects, one of which is part of the Skapande skola (Creative School) programme. We also arrange field trips to the Opera House and teachers’ evenings, and we schedule weekend and holiday activities, host family days and put on special performances for school groups.

»Our starting point is always the child’s perspective«

Artistic Director, Young at the Opera

Unga på operan is an initiative that aims to work with children and youth on their own terms. We involve young people through performances, weekend and holiday activities and by working with schools. Unique forms of expression that open doors to our inner spaces are born when modernity and tradition meet. We are able to reflect on our place in the world through the artistic experience.

The Greek myths deal with the eternal, existential questions. They never cease to be meaningful to us. The upcoming Orpheus & Eurydice is based on the Orpheus myth. Devastated after losing his beloved Euridice, he steps down into the underworld to bring her back. This theme speaks naturally to the young. Haven’t we all experienced deep love, grief and desire. Our production has an added, contemporary, young dimension. We are especially pleased about our collaboration with the youth theatre company Unga Dramaten. The choreographer Örjan Andersson has created a razor-sharp work of total art that encompasses both a mythical past and the world of today.


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