The Royal Swedish Opera presents world-class directors and soloists every year, offering both traditional classics and newly-written works.

The Royal Swedish Opera is Sweden’s national theatre for the operatic arts. Since its inception in 1773, the directors, set designers and singers have been stewards of the European operatic tradition, while also pushing the boundaries of the art form.

Since 2009, Artistic Director and CEO Birgitta Svendén has set the course for the Royal Swedish Opera, successfully opening up opera house to new audiences.

Birgitta Svendén

»Join us on a shared adventure«

Artistic Director


Our ambition is to make you, the visitor, feel welcome, to help you navigate between known and unknown titles and to be touched, to be moved and feel that you have experienced something that will enrich your life. This season, I think that we have managed the requisites of our programme exceptionally well and hope to kindle your curiosity and interest in finding out more.

We want to broaden the reach of our art. Through digitalization, we will be able to present more performances via a number of new channels. And it does not stop there. Digitalization will also enable us to give you greater insight into so much more of what is on here at the opera house via our Operan Play Channel. What’s more, we are also a part of OperaVision – a new, free platform for livestreaming opera.

As a national stage, we are proud to stand on three artistic pillars: opera, ballet/dance and our children and youth operations – all intertwined by fantastic employees with a host of different skills and talent. We want to take you on a shared adventure – where your contribution entails being curious and wide open to impressions.

Starting with the upcoming season, we are delighted to welcome you into our world in a new way. Simply by downloading our app ("Kungliga Operan") and holding your smartphone over an image in the programme, you can read all about the work while listening to an excerpt of the music. We have also chosen to add enhanced content to a few of the programme points using augmented reality. Again, using the app on your phone and holding it over the photograph, the image will come to life and provide you with new impressions of the work. Finally, I would like to invite you to follow us on our own channels, operan.se and social media, where you can follow our work behind the scenes – all the way to the premiere.

You are our most important co-player this season!

Our warmest of welcomes!
Birgitta Svendén, Artistic Director and CEO