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The MAGICAL House - a series from Young at the OPERA

Experience the Opera House digitally — together with your pupils! The Magical House is a web series created by the Young at the Opera section where pupils and educators can visit and discover the Opera House from the class room. Here you will find more than 1000 rooms and some 120 professions - and we will discover them together with you! But how do you actually do, learn about all the exciting things in the house? 

In the web series we explore the different art forms and fields f work of the operatic and ballet world - both on stage and behind the scenes. With lots to discover for both pupils and teachers, we accompany our guide  Sara who will teach us all about the opera house, in. a fun and pedagogical way! Learn how to dance ballet, take a sneak peek into the costume department, travel back in time and find out about the intriguing history of the house - in every episode do this together in a simple and fun way.

Each episode is accompanied by fun extra material that meets the requirements of the syllabi for classes 1 to 3: 
· Inspiring and playful content
· Interactive and creative learning 
· Teacher guides 

Watch the web series on Operan Play.

Finally, new episodes of The Magical House are coming to Operan Play!
View the list of upcoming episodes below.
EPISODE 4Young at the Opera discover the Opera House (September 13)
EPISODE 5Young at the Opera discover brass instruments (October 11)
EPISODE 6Young at the Opera discover the Archive (November 8)
EPISODE 7Young at the Opera discover Opera singers (December 6)