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  • Taxis can drive all the way up the ramp to the main entrance, making it easier for wheelchair users to enter the building.
  • For wheelchair users and other visitors who need to avoid stairs, there are lifts between floors.
  • Grodan at Kungliga Operan, the restaurant located one floor below the main entrance, is accessible via Strömgatan 14.
  • The main entrance to the second stage Rotundan is at Jakobs torg 8 and can also be accessed via our stage door. If you need assistance, get in touch with the usher at the entrance of the Rotundan stage for help. 
  • Wheelchair accessible toilets are available at the Stalls, as well as the Rotunda stage.
  • A wheelchair is available to borrow. 
  • A number of wheelchair spaces are available in the auditorium.
  • The floors of the stalls, first balcony and second balcony are carpeted. The lower and upper third balconies are not. 
  • Evacuation equipment, should it be needed, is available for persons with reduced mobility.


  • There is a double swing door at the main entrance.
  • When both sides are open it is 1.36 meters wide.
  • The entrance has a 1.85 meter long vestibule, with a double swing inner door. It is 1.39 meters wide when both doors are open.
  • The entrance hall has a contrasting colour scheme to facilitate visitors with impaired vision.


  • The lift is 1.31 meters deep and 1.20 meters wide.
  • The call button is installed at a height of 96 cm.
  • In the lift, the control panel is installed 1.07 meters above the floor, and 59 cm from the corner.
  • Handrails are installed in the lift.
  • The interior has a contrasting colour scheme to facilitate visitors with impaired vision.
  • Restaurant Grodan at Kungliga Operan, situated downstairs from the main entrance, can be reached via Strömgatan 14.


  • The door to the handicap accessible restroom has a pull handle.
  • It is also equipped with an electric elbow switch.
  • The room interior is in contrasting colours to facilitate visitors with impaired vision.
  • The room is 1.73 meters wide and 2.10 meters long.
  • In terms of room to manoeuvre, there is 80 cm of free space to the left of the toilet seat, and one meter of free space to the right.


  • The main auditorium is fitted with an audio frequency induction loop. The loop works best in stalls and on first balcony.