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The Royal Swedish Opera presents world-class directors and soloists every year, offering both traditional classics and newly-written works.

The Royal Swedish Opera is Sweden’s national theatre for the operatic arts. Since its inception in 1773, the directors, set designers and singers have been stewards of the European operatic tradition, while also pushing the boundaries of the art form.

Since 2009, Artistic Director and CEO Birgitta Svendén has set the course for the Royal Swedish Opera, successfully opening up opera house to new audiences.

»A warm welcome to the RSO in 
every way and in every channel!«


Artistic Director


What are you especially looking forward to in this year’s repertoire?
– We will be offering several classic operas with an innovative twist. We have also added a traditional Christmas family production, The Snow Queen (Snödrottningen). The season opens with Prima Donna, which is something as unusual as an opera composed by a singer-songwriter, Rufus Wainwright. We also like to take up contemporary issues, which we do with the commission The Promise (Löftet). The final premiere of the season will be Wagner’s amazing opera Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, which features an entirely new generation of Swedish Wagner interpreters.

Why do you think that the performing arts are important?
– They offer us a way of looking at ourselves, the surrounding world and all the insecurity and confusion we are living through with new eyes. The performing arts speak to our emotions and our experiences, and they always have something to tell us.

How do you look at sustainability?
– To me personally, it is what my own discipline, opera, represents: wonderful music and always relevant stories that are able to reflect the here and now ­– that will always touch people, regardless of who they are or where they come from.