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Why do the Royal Swedish Opera collect private donations?

We solicitate funding because the Government has stipulated that the Royal Swedish Opera is to be the leading national institution for opera and ballet. The Royal Swedish Opera is to spearhead development, innovation, artistic excellence and craftsmanship. Preserving our legacy requires more than government subsidies. That is why we highly appreciate private donations.

For more information on donations, please contact [email protected]

What is the money you raise used for?

Donations and gifts are used to support our three main areas: opera, dance/ballet and Young at the Opera. Our mission is to preserve and develop our legacy, and to offer children and young people the opportunity to experience the arts, regardless of background, and to reach out to as many as possible.

Can I leave a gift in my will?

We are grateful for all bequests. Your gift is part of our legacy. We guarantee that your gift will be well invested and used in accordance with the conditions of your will. Unless you have explicitly named an area for your bequest, your gift will be used where it is most urgently needed.

Your will must be in writing, signed by your own hand and simultaneously attested by two witnesses. Neither witness may be a family relation. They do not need to be mentioned in the will, nor do they need to know its contents, but they must understand that the document they are signing is a will. We recommend discussing the terms of your will with a solicitor.

Bequests to the Royal Swedish Opera should be addressed to:
Kungliga Operan AB
Box 160 94
103 22 Stockholm

Did you know that you can contribute to our appeals and collections in connection with funerals?
You can do this through »Min Gåva«. There is currently a choice between the Instrument Appeal and the Pointe Shoe Appeal.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

Can private individuals make donations to the Royal Swedish Opera?

There are various ways you can benefit the Royal Swedish Opera. One is to donate to one of our appeals, or perhaps you would rather sign up for the Patron’s Fund. All gifts make a difference, no matter how small, and you can choose the cause you are most passionate about. Read more about ongoing appeals here.

What applies to foundations that want to support the Royal Swedish Opera?

By supporting the Royal Swedish Opera, foundations can contribute to a better society, for example by giving children and young people the opportunity to grow and develop through art, regardless of background. The Swedish Tax Agency considers grants to Kungliga Operan AB as support of a non-profit purpose in accordance with Chapter 7, Section 4 in the Income Tax Act. For more information, please contact [email protected]

Does the Royal Swedish Opera accept corporate partnerships?

We are always interested in long-term corporate partnerships. Together, we can renew and cultivate the appreciation of opera and ballet through collaboration. Read more about corporate partnerships here or contact [email protected]

What are the rules for sponsorship?

Read about the regulations for culture sponsorship on the Tax Agency website (in Swedish).

Are corporate donations tax deductible?

Only if your company receives a service in return that benefits your core operations. Usually, the expenditure has to be equal to the return service. However, we recommend that you consult your accountants in order to find out what rules apply for your business. Read more about donations and sponsorships here (in Swedish).

Do you have any ethical guidelines?

Yes. Read about our Sustainability Policy here.

How do you handle my personal data?

We handle personal data in accordance with our data policy (in Swedish).